Our mission is simple. Transform the way early-stage SaaS Founders fund and grow their business. 

Our Capital Intelligence platform provides Founders with the data, tools, and funding they need to accelerate their growth trajectory and maximize their eventual exit.

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EVP & CFO at AgTools

Charles Harrison

We appreciated that many of their team members had the experience of building a company from the startup phase and are familiar with the challenges.

CEO at Nimblr.ai

Juan Vera

Say goodbye to spreadsheets, spamming inboxes, 
and hoping for responses.

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The hardest part is getting the meeting - and with our double opt-in system, you only meet with VCs who want to meet with you.

Metrics should matter most when it comes to funding. Simply connect your systems, and we'll handle the rest.

Our AI matching translates into a higher likelihood of securing the funding you need.

Data-Driven Matchmaking

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Find a VC for your Seed & Series A Round.

No more emails sent into the void just hoping for a response.

Novel's new VentureMatch directly matches you with VCs that are actively looking to fund SaaS companies just like you. 

If you are a B2B SaaS or tech enabled company who is post-revenue.  Sign-up for the only data-driven VC matchmaking platform.

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VentureMatch provides Founders with:

Please Note: Novel does not guarantee funding or an offer of terms. Terms of deals are between you and the VC(s) you are matched with.

As a start-up, Novel is the best partner to help you grow. Their service is personalized, with a great understanding of our business and growth needs.



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